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Privacy Policy and What it Means for my Stories

For a long time, I've touted that my stories are geared towards middle-grade readers and above. However, because of tougher regulations for online privacy, I've decided to no longer market my stories to younger audiences.

Wrapping Up 2019

I didn't plan to write a reflection posts, but as I sat in front of my computer this morning and thought about working on the current draft of my novel, my procrastinating brain told me to write a blog post instead. And so, here I am.

A Long Reflective Post

I try not to make a habit of being sentimental at this time of the year, although I understand why this season makes everyone a little emotional. After all, the Christmas season just passed, and whether that was filled with high notes or low for you, the busyness can be emotionally demanding. New Year's day is also a time when most people reflect on the past and envision the future, which can also be emotionally taxing.

That Manifesto Thing

Last week someone at work brought to my attention the Google Manifesto shenanigan over the previous weekend. As a woman in tech, I hear about things like this all the time, but I'm too caught up with other activities to respond. I try to be a positive person, so instead of dwelling on all the lame comments that pepper social media, I'm just going to share the responses I found helpful.

"Dilang" Conflicted

Musings after reading DILA last night.

General Updates

Half of the second semester is almost done.