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Character at a Glance: Sano

I feel like Sano is a good character to discuss right now, because he's the type that can pull through difficult challenges without losing his spirit. He's someone that I personally find inspirational during these uncertain times.

Kabi and Sano

We never get to see Kabi and Sano’s life in the forest, so I decided to draw a few snapshots. I have ideas for more, but let’s start off with these.

Character at a Glance: Anina

It's a little strange to sit down and decide, "Yes, it's time to talk about a character," because a part of me feels like it's still premature. Although my story had already gone through multiple drafts, sometimes I feel like I'm still at that early stage where at any moment, my story can crumble to pieces, and I'd have to make yet another major revision.