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Writing Advice I Like or Dislike

I'm always on the lookout for new things to try to improve my writing skills and my process. I follow blogs by other writers or editors who like to share advice on these topics, and I have to admit, they're usually a hit or miss for me. Some worked well, others were frustrating to implement from the start. I want to share some of my experiences, and why some advice worked for me while others did not.

Starting My Translation Journey

At the beginning of the month, I sat down and started the first ever Tagalog draft of my story, The Malicious Wind. In the last year, I've been trying to hone my Tagalog skills by reading a lot more in this language. So while I didn't think the translation process would be smooth sailing, I thought I could churn out perhaps a chapter a night of translations.

My Editing Journey

Before I jump into the meat of this post, let me say that I hope you are all doing okay. Wherever you are, I know there is a lot happening.

New Header Image + Process

Last year, I started building a website for my novel. I made a header that, in hindsight, I don't feel is strong enough to represent the story anymore. So I've been working on a brand new header image.

Dealing With Writing Insecurity

I noticed while I was working on my latest draft that I've been disengaging with the writing and reading communities. And I realized that this wasn't a new behaviour either; it's been happening since I started writing my novel. I just wasn't overtly aware of my reactions until now.

No NaNoWriMo & An Early Look At My 2020 Plans

When I was still in school, I had a friend who told me of a proverb about two novice potters. One of them spent an entire month making one pot, trying to get it to be as beautiful as he could. The other one spent one day each month making a different pot, with improvements on the one he made the previous day. In the end, on that final day, both their pots were just as beautiful as each other's. However, one of them had only a single pot, while the other had thirty.

My Art Process

Seeing other artists' process of making artwork is always fascinating to me, so I thought I'd post mine. I'm only an intermediate artist, so this is not going to be as complex as others you might have seen. I think my process is pretty straightforward.

Draft 5: Week 8 Update


Writing Update

I spent the last couple of months doing some art. A bunch of it was for fandom, but here are several that are related to my novel.

Story Update

I know I haven't updated very often lately, but it doesn't mean I was slacking off! On the contrary, I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo next month, and I've been preparing extensively for it the last few weeks.