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The Magic Thief and Other March & April 2020 Reads

I realized that I didn't do a book review for the month of March. It was just so crazy last month, I think we can all agree on that. I haven't been able to keep up the reading pace I had set at the beginning of the year, unfortunately. With all that's going on, I haven't had a lot of reading mojo, but I do hope that I will soon find the right book that will push me out of my slump and help me through these uncertain times.

Some Recent Sano & Anina Artworks

Here are a few pictures I quickly churned out before I dive into draft 7 of my novel!

My Editing Journey

Before I jump into the meat of this post, let me say that I hope you are all doing okay. Wherever you are, I know there is a lot happening.

New Header Image + Process

Last year, I started building a website for my novel. I made a header that, in hindsight, I don't feel is strong enough to represent the story anymore. So I've been working on a brand new header image.

Storm from the East and Other February 2020 Reads

I'm sad to say I didn't finish any books in February. Rather shocking to me too, since I breezed through so many the month before. But here are the books I'm still working my way through.

January 2020 Reads

To start off the New Year, I picked up The Vengekeep Prophecies by Brian Farrey. I thought it had some very smart twists and great world-building. I warmed up to the Grimjinx family instantly, and I was a little disappointed that for most of the book, we don't actually get to see them operate as a team.

Kabi and Sano

We never get to see Kabi and Sano’s life in the forest, so I decided to draw a few snapshots. I have ideas for more, but let’s start off with these.

Dealing With Writing Insecurity

I noticed while I was working on my latest draft that I've been disengaging with the writing and reading communities. And I realized that this wasn't a new behaviour either; it's been happening since I started writing my novel. I just wasn't overtly aware of my reactions until now.

Finished Draft 6!

I'm only 5 days belated from my goal of finishing this draft by the end of 2019, and I don't think that's bad at all! I even went from 105K words to 93K words, so I am quite proud of myself.

Wrapping Up 2019

I didn't plan to write a reflection posts, but as I sat in front of my computer this morning and thought about working on the current draft of my novel, my procrastinating brain told me to write a blog post instead. And so, here I am.