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Writing Woes: Killing Characters and Resurrection

To kill or not to kill?

Let's Be Friends

Another artwork of my OCs. So far, I've only drawn them being silly and dorky. I think this picture better shows their true dynamic.

The Queen of Attolia and Other Books I've Read This Year So Far

My plan of writing book reviews regularly in the new year fell through. That's okay though, here's a combined post of everything I've read so far.

A Lesson From My Fanfictions

Remember that post where I bemoaned how boring I'm finding my story? Well, I'm here to say that the feeling hasn't improved much. But at least it's gotten to a tolerable point where I can write down words for the sake of writing down words. I've impulsively signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo, so I'm employing every ounce of motivation, organization, self-discipline, and self-tricking into keeping up with the daily word counts.

"Dilang" Conflicted

Musings after reading DILA last night.

Writing Woes: Bored of My Own Story

Every time I open up my document (like I did just now actually), I would just not have the energy to write. My mind would go blank, even though I already wrote a thorough outline of the upcoming chapter. It's not even writer's block, because I do know what to write -- I'm a planner. I know what the characters have to do next, I can imagine them doing it in my head. I just don't feel like physically writing down what I imagine.

General Updates

Half of the second semester is almost done.

Pandanggo Sa Ilaw: A Traditional Dance

A mutual on tumblr suggested I draw my OC's dancing, and that's when I realized that I didn't really know any precolonial dances. Yikes! Because my story is set in precolonial times (well, inspired by precolonial culture at least), consider this artwork an AU.

Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 11

I have some good news! My submission to this year's Philippine Speculative Fiction anthology was accepted! This means that this year, I will see one of my stories published for the first time!

The Reader by Traci Chee

This book is quite meta-fictional. It's a book about books, about the power of books and the stories they tell. What if books are actually magical objects? And not just in the metaphorical sense?