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Storm from the East and Other February 2020 Reads

Jacket cover for May Tiktik sa Bubong, May Sigbin sa Silong Jacket cover for Storm from the East by Joanna Hathaway Jacket cover for By These Ten Bones by Clare Dunkle

I'm sad to say I didn't finish any books in February. Rather shocking to me too, since I breezed through so many the month before. But here are the books I'm still working my way through.

May Tiktik sa Bubon, May Sigbin sa Silong

This is the Filipino anthology about aswang that I started back in January. I finished several more short stories, and I am really enjoying them! The ones I read so far weren't really "horror." They were more like slice-of-life type of stories about people who happen to be aswang or to know an aswang. I really love how immersive the stories are, how well they paint a picture of Filipino life even with the uncanny knitted into the stories.

Storm from the East by Joanna Hathaway

I have been waiting for this book to come out for almost a year! To say that I loved Dark of the West is an understatement. I pre-ordered Storm from the East and pounced on it on the morning it was released.

The thing with this series though is that it is complex and heavy. It is about war, colonization, revenge, and other complicated subjects. I tend to have an almost black-and-white interpretation of war and colonization, as someone whose native country was wrecked by both. Reading this book really stretches me, because both the protagonists are straining against colonization and war in a way that puts them exactly in the middle of those two things.

That said, I had to put this book down for a bit, because I'm feeling a little pressured at work, and I wanted something a little comfier to read.

By These Ten Bones by Claire Dunkle

After asking around for some less intense book suggestions, I picked up By These Ten Bones. It is a younger YA novel that takes place in medieval Scotland, and tells the story of a young girl who falls in love with a werewolf. It's definitely a simpler, almost-gentler story, and I'm about 80% of the way through with it.

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