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Brainstorming Titles

It's one of those days I don't feel like doing anything productive. I feel super burnt out, but I also don't feel like wasting a perfectly good weekend by doing literally nothing. So I decided to work on generating a title for my story, something that I've been putting off for a while.

Mind you, I just started the brainstorming process, and none of these options are particularly stellar, but I hope that by writing about them, it would inspire better ideas.

Warning: a few spoilers

The Hermit Mage: This one was suggested by a beta reader after she read the entire book. I really like this one, because it's simple, it's honest (the story is about a hermit mage -- or mages), and it piques curiosity. It's not obvious why this mage is considered a hermit. My only real gripe about it is that... see, my father used to tell stories when I was little of a hermit who fought monsters, and in a way, I did apply that vocabulary to my story. But if I end up naming my entire story after it, I would never hear the end of it from my father, haha!

The Malicious Wind: When I was analyzing the titles of some of my favourite books, a good number of them had titles based on the thing that precipitates the conflict of the story. This title effectively does the same. The Malicious Wind was exactly the entity that prompted Sano's mother to leave, and because she left, he got in all sorts of trouble. I don't know if it's sufficiently evocative of what the story's really about though.

The Moon Metal: If we're looking at things that cause conflict, this one is probably the main cause of the conflict. But it's also really spoilery and this entity doesn't feature prominently in the first half of the book. So I don't know if it's somehow misleading. I've also contemplated combining these two titles into "The Moon Metal and the Malicious Wind." It sounds more adventurous, but it's also a mouthful.

Then there are name-based titles that I think has better flow, but I'm very reluctant to throw names out there. The names in my book are not the usual kind, even for fantasy. Some popular books have done this well, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to take the risks. Anyway, here are some that I thought about anyway.

The Forbidden Scripts of Dayung: I like this one, actually. The fact that you aren't allowed to write in certain languages is a big theme in the book. Not so fond of the word 'forbidden' though. It feels too overused.

The Ghoul of Katam: This one I like as much as The Hermit Mage, because I think Ghoul is a really cool word. However, it's also spoilery, and the Ghoul itself doesn't appear until the second half, so it's weird naming the entire story after it.

The Mages of Dayung: Or Katam... not sure yet which place I should use. It feels kind of bland though. What about these mages? What makes them special? Why should I read a story about them? Maybe this one would be better as a series title, if I do end up writing more about these characters.

Some blog posts I read suggested taking phrases from your manuscript instead. So far, that hasn't yielded anything really useful (which might worry me more, but it doesn't seem to be a trend in the fantasy genre anyway).

Silver and Gold: This is a phrase that's repeated at least five times in the book, but it's also super-cliche.

Ka: I would have to be really gutsy to go with this title! But I do like it a lot, because it's so simple. It's one syllable, it's two letters, and even though the first reaction people might have is, "What the heck does that mean?", a simple explanation in the synopsis will clear that up pretty quickly. It's also a word whose meaning is a central theme in the book.

Aaand finally, my favourite idea, taken straight from the mouth of one of my characters:

The List of Crimes You Never Committed

Haha! I mean, the blog post did suggest taking the most interesting phrase you can find!

And here are a few funny bonuses that I would never go for, but I think they succinctly summarize my novel:

How Not To Find Your Missing Mother

Man, This Fantasy World Needs a Magical Equivalent of Phones

Nobody's Special: A Fantasy Story Without Chosen Ones

Boy Meets Girl, But Not The One He's Looking For

Anyway, that's all I have so far. Let me know what you think of any of these, or if you have an idea for how to make them better! Or perhaps you have an entirely different suggestion. Throw them my way! I need all the ideas I can get right now.

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