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Isle of Blood and Stone, and Other June 2021 Reads

I made a decent effort again last month of forging through my reading slump. I even managed to read a book that might end up being one of my favourites. Even better, I'm feeling more hopeful about the books I've lined up in the coming weeks. I'm hoping that I will be able to completely shake off my slump very soon.

The Tethered Mage and Other May 2021 Reads

Seems like I did a little better in May than I did in April, managing to finish 3 books. I'm by no means out of my reading slump though; in fact, I attempted to read 8 other books and ended up abandoning them! The struggle is real, guys. But let's talk about the books that passed my in-slump biases last month.

Paladin's Grace

I can hardly believe that after two months of voracious reading, I've been afflicted with a severe reading slump! Alas, I only finished 1 book in April. I did try to read other books, but everything else I picked up seemed bland and uninteresting. It was quite unfortunate, as some of the books I tried were bestsellers or had unique premises. I think if I wasn't in such a slump, I would have enjoyed them another time.

Privacy Policy and What it Means for my Stories

For a long time, I've touted that my stories are geared towards middle-grade readers and above. However, because of tougher regulations for online privacy, I've decided to no longer market my stories to younger audiences.

Writing Advice I Like or Dislike

I'm always on the lookout for new things to try to improve my writing skills and my process. I follow blogs by other writers or editors who like to share advice on these topics, and I have to admit, they're usually a hit or miss for me. Some worked well, others were frustrating to implement from the start. I want to share some of my experiences, and why some advice worked for me while others did not.

The Silence of Bones and Other March 2021 Reads

Another great month of reading for me! (Every time I manage to read an average of a book per week, I consider that a good month.) This March, we have a mystery-thriller set in Korea, a middle-grade slice of life story dealing with grief, and the wrap-up for a trilogy of magical heists. So let's get to it!

Truthwitch and Other February 2021 Reads

Wow, six books in the four short weeks of February? I can't believe it either! It seems I was on a roll last month, devouring book after book, blooming out of my reading slump from January. So let's get right to it!

Minor Mage and Other January 2021 Reads

Hello guys! Welcome to the first post of 2021! I hope you guys are having a good year so far (or at least, as good as it can get during this time).

The Queen's Thief Series by Megan Whalen Turner

I'm going to skip my usual monthly books review, and dedicate an entire post to my favourite series, The Queen's Thief by Megan Whalen Turner. The last book, Return of the Thief, came out last Tuesday, and it took me a record of 1.5 days to finish it.

The Kataman Abugida and Skin Tone Experiments

I took a short break from translating my novel and made some artwork. I was actually hesitant to take a break, because the translation for the last few chapters have gone really well. I felt like I didn't stumble as often over little words, thanks to the vocabulary I've learned while working on the previous chapters. I also learned to manage my time better.